Scribe’s cloud-based integration and data migration solutions are a powerful yet simple way to connect to the rest of your enterprise. As a Scribe partner, Saxa Solutions had the opportunity to join the 2015 Scribe Tech Tour in Boston, MA on October 8th. Saxa Solutions is a big fan of Scribe and we regularly leverage their technology in our projects. The 2015 Scribe Tech Tour was an opportunity to meet with the Scribe team, other partners and customers and learn about how Scribe is being used today and where Scribe is going with their integration and data migration solutions. We found the event very informative and engaging.

The Tech Tour was broken into two learning tracks – Scribe Online (their IPaaS offering) and Scribe Insight. As a cloud-focused practice, our interests were in the Scribe Online track only. The Online track covered a range of topics from integration design patterns for various performance measures to discussions about new product capabilities.

One very compelling topic was Scribe’s capabilities around event-based integration. For customers an outbound message can now be used to fire an integration event in Scribe Online. This means the integration no longer needs to poll for a condition but fires when the condition (workflow or trigger) takes place. This provides two key benefits to the customer – fewer API calls and more timely integration events. Also very interesting is the request-reply pattern using a Restful API provided by Scribe. Using this pattern, any solution that can call a Restful API can trigger an integration event and most importantly return the data as a JSON payload. This allows data to stay in the source system rather than being inserted into Salesforce. This is a game changer for use of Scribe as an integration solution. This pattern will reduce API calls, save on data storage and increase accuracy of the data presented to the user as it will only be retrieved when needed.

Here’s an example:

Previously invoice data would be loaded to
With Event Based Integration, API calls and data usage is minimized

Another presentation focused on the Scribe OData Connector. Scribe now has OData support as an integration source. This presents a host of options. For example, using the Azure Data Market to access published OData Sources and enrich the available data. To further the example, you could use the Green Score OData source published on the Azure Data Market to score leads based on environmental buying behaviors. This opens up new paid and free data sources to while minimizing the need for complex integration coding.

The day finished with a preview of the Scribe Online 2.0 user interface. The new interface is built on HTML 5 and looks really sharp and well-designed. Existing users of Scribe online will find this a refreshing change and the new interface no longer requires Silverlight.

We’ve always been happy to be a Scribe partner. Working with Scribe has been a great experience. They have a very customer-centric view of their business and we’ve worked closely together to solve complex customer problems. It was great to see they continue to invest in their Scribe Online solution and support specific use cases. We can’t wait to bring new solutions to our customers with these new tools.