Salesforce recently announced SalesforceIQ, a new mobile and desktop that will allow SMB users to work seamlessly in Salesforce via a robust integration with both Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. The new tool offers a nice UI/ UX, read receipt, a calendar integration (which includes the ability to dynamically offer available meeting times to customers), scheduled emails, and the choice to log the email interaction to Salesforce after it is sent.

The side panel allows you to create a lead, contact, opportunity or task based upon email and email signature.

This functionality has always been offered by relatively low priced apps such as Cirrus Insight and Yesware, but Salesforce is offering it at no additional licensing cost and with a fairly easy implementation.

Below is a walkthrough of how to add the Google Chrome extension into Gmail that will enable this integration for the desktop.

Caveat – Salesforce IQ is not currently available to larger enterprise clients and as always, you should consult your IT organization to ensure this product is supported and compatible.

First, go to the Chrome Extensions store:

The chrome extension is available under SalesforceIQ (note the no space, this seems to be throwing people off)

SalesforceIQ Extension


Once added, the wizard will prompt you to login to both your desired Gmail and Salesforce instance:

Grant access to Google Apps


And you’re ready to roll. Note the side panel functionality that will allow you to handle all of those Dreamforce follow up emails!