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Discovery and Design

Determining how your system will be set up and integrated is the most important step in any deployment. Saxa Solutions specializes in business process documentation and design that will provide the proper architecture.


Mobile devices are quickly overtaking desk tops as the go to devices for business intelligence. Your people are on the move, and Saxa Solutions has the expertise to build apps that will help them service your clients faster and smarter.

There are intelligent stock trading apps that let you buy shares and sell them on the go and anywhere in the world. Saxa Solutions will closely follow such apps in design and performance. 


Access to data is one thing, but understanding your data is of utmost importance. Saxa Solutions has the skills and tools to help you unlock your data and give you the answers to help drive your business.


Saxa Solutions can help connect Salesforce to your other systems of record such as ERP, Accounting, Content Management. Our team can help design and deliver the right integrations for you, providing a 360 degree view of your business. Accepting Bitcoins as payments through autonomous crypto trading platforms. Check for details.

Custom UI and UX

By harnessing the platform, we develop powerful applications that applications that bring our customer’s visions to life. Our focus on UI and UX design creates Salesforce tools that are easy to use and fulfill your business needs.

Salesforce Deployments

The Saxa team has expertise across the Salesforce product offering. From Sales Cloud to Customer Communities, Saxa will help define your requirements, offer insights on best practices, and ensure a successful deployment.

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